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Sailtech one metre sails are made by Sailmakers who understand how sails work, our Sailmakers not only sails Radio but race full size at National and World level.

Sailtech sails were developed over a number of years and this development 
continues today.We only use the very best of materials available in the industry.

Mainsails come as standard with a Luff tape and patches for the lacing or rings, but a tube for a Jack line can easily fitted. Sails are cut in three panels for optimum shape holding.

Jibs are fitted with a luff tube as standard. Sails are cut in Three Panels for Optimum shape holding.

Corner colours are of choice and can be

• Hot Yellow
• Hot Pink
• Red
• Black
• Blue

Please specify when ordering.

A Rig   50 micron  £54.00
B Rig   50 micron  £50.00
C Rig   50 micron  £50.00 

Mainsail Jack stay tube £4.00

Sail numbers can be added in marker pen £4.00


Post and packing £3.50

 Rocket B Rig
 A Rig
 A Rig corners
 A Rig battens