Over the last couple of seasons Sailtech have worked closely with some of the top Ajax sailors to produce a race winning set of sails.
At Sailtech we did an seasons R & D with one of the top boats to enable us to make our first suit of sails in the autumn of 2011.

The Mainsail is designed to be sailed open with twist, but when height is needed the leech can be closed without the speed bleed you find with other sails.
The sail is built form Contender Polykote Ripstop 4.46 us oz

The Jib was designed to give the height needed of the line and be able to help you find the height when needed. Great attention was paid to the luff, which gave us the ideal balance between power and pointing.
The sail is built from Contender Polykote Ripstop 5.46 us oz

With our Spinnaker design we needed a sail that could reach and also go downwind. This was achieved by producing a round shouldered sail that doesn’t collapse on the reach but gives the maximum projected area high up in the sail for the runs.
This sail is built from Contender Dynalite