Classic sails from Sailtech

Today's classic restoration or replica yacht places greater demand on their spars and sails than in the days
when they were first designed.

Modern fabrics and rigging create higher loadings on classic yachts, and sails on classics have therefore
lost much of the traditional styling due to current manufacturing techniques.

Sailtech "CLASSIC" blends modern fabrics and computer aided design with yesterday's traditional finishing systems,
to create sails to complement the finest classics afloat today.

By using the tightest woven dacrons (or Vectrans - where rules allow), the fabric is then cut to produce
the narrow panel style. In keeping with the age of each yacht, the sails are then crafted into vertical,
crosscut, mitrecut or scotch cut configurations. After assembly to the world's highest standards, each sail
is then finished by a craftsman sailmaker, whose training and experience allows for the creation of
traditional handwork such as:

Multi ring corners with full seizing
Tapered rat tail hand roping
Ornate leather work
Leech cord plaited ends

Strength is maintained by using hydraulic pressed stainless steel rings by Rutgerson of Sweden.

Finally, having crafted the ultimate classic sail, we offer to fit the sails to your yacht and complete sail
trials with each owner.

 Tomahawk downwind Photo 03-08-2019, 17 51 28  Clipper Jib