International 14


We are passionate about dinghy racing and development. We have a loft International 14 which leads to constant sail development.

 Our 2020 designs are a product of 5 years of continuous R&D into sail cloth and rig development. The current spinnaker design is being taken up by the fleet and is proving a fast shape.

 We pay attention to the rig/ luff curve relationship between the mainsail and mast. We have a mainsail that has lots of power low down in the wind range and can depower as the wind builds

 Current mainsails are made from a String membrane with a carbon fibre reinforcement

 Jibs are the same string membrane construction as the mainsail, we have worked hard to design a sail that twists well and can be sheeted hard to enable pointing.

Spinnakers are made from Maxikote 70 polyester which stops the sail from distorting as the gusts hit, the sail delivers it power to the boat driving it forward.

The sail gives good lift keeping the bow of the boat out the water when being pushed hard.

img_9312   PL19-int14-3202 String File