Sailtech uses the very latest design software from BSG Developments (SailPack) SailPack is a world leading CAD software used by the leading sailmakers globally. It enables us to design sails for Racing, Cruising or Bluewater sailing to a very high degree of accuracy.



Coastal Cruising Sails 

Coastal cruising sails are built to the same standards and specifications as our Blue Water sailscruising sails.  Coastal sailors will also benefit from the high level of reliability and quality of construction. 

Sailing only in a selected region may open up more fabric choices. A less humid climate allows the use of more performance laminated materials. Low UV locations allow a wider choice in dacron.

​Lower cost dacron may suit he budget orientated sailor, tightly woven small yarn performance dacron may suit the club racing sailor.   

Often coastal cruising  yachts are also used for club level racing where we can offer higher performance sail shapes and materials. 

Please visit out sail details page for further information on each sail type. And our sailcloth page for information on different material options.


Bluewater Cruising Sails 

Our aim is to produce the highest quality and best value for money bluewater sails available. At Sailtech your sails are designed by long distance cruisers, who understand the needs of a circumnavigator 

For long distance sailing reliability is crucial, performance a bonus. We try and offer smart and innovative features that allow a sail to be as close to service free as possible during its lifespan. Our aim is to enhance a sails reliability, performance and lifespan  to provide customers with safe, hassle free and fast world cruising experience. 

We understand that in remote parts of the globe sail service facilitates are unavailable. It is impossible to completely eliminate the need to service a sail but we try and limit the need to service to a minimum.  Please read our Articles about sail problems.



Over the years we have gone though many construction methods for upwind race sails. Today our preferred and most common sail sold is membrane construction. The fabric for each sail is custom built with the fibers following the common load paths of the sail. The fibers used are normally Technora and Carbon fiber. These sails also carry a base scrim to take care of additional loads i.e. from flogging or tacking. The sail fabric is laminated in a state of the art facility which results in extremely good lamination that will last the lifetime of the sail and stand tropical humidity. To the right is a example of a membrane fiber layout and the finished sail


Racing sails downwind primarily comprise of Symmetrical/Asymmetrical spinnakers and Code Zeros's. Our preferred and most common material for spinnakers is Bainbridge's AIRX range of Nylon spinnaker fabrics. We have had much development in the shape and designs of Asymmetrical spinnakers though our small high performance race yacht sails. 
Each downwind sail is custom designed to meet the requirements of the customer.
Code Zero's care normally made from a lightweight code zero laminate and custom designed to meet customer and rule requirements



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